This section is a brief rundown of how the INZANE guitar decals work, what to expect, and how to apply them. The HOW TO E-Book Guide you'll receive when you purchase an INZANE guitar decal is much more thorough, so keep that in mind.



Your decal will arrive in a tube where it'll be all rolled up. When you remove it, you'll notice that It's rectangular in shape. It is not already cut to any specific body shape. The reason is, the decals are meant to be applied the way that YOU want them to be applied - not the way that I DO. Although the flamed maple design above is meant to be applied a specific way, 85% of the designs available are open to however you want them to look! If I display a specific design on the INZANE DECALS website going up and down, you may like the design going left to right... there's no right or wrong - it's whatever you think looks good.

Secondly, there are many different body styles currently available; to supply a customer with, for instance, a pre-cut Les Paul shape, the problem is that there are MANY different Les Paul copies out there. And, each one is slightly different. If I made it fit perfectly on a REAL Les Paul, chances are, there would be differences on your Les Paul if it wasn't an original.

Therefore, it's easier to just create INZANE designs and allow each customer to apply it the way they want and have fun with it!